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  • You are paid in proportion to the quantities sold.
  • You are 100% winner!

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100% quality - One mug, One Design®

  • 100% aesthetic quality - To ensure a level of perfect quality, attention is paid to the selection of photographs and illustrations.
  • 100% technical quality - The mugs are dishwashers safe but we recommend to wash them by handhand to preserve the print quality.
  • "Design by your name" - Your mugs are signed with your name.


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Commission in proportion to the Net sales price

Des commissions évolutives
price less than 10€ price between 10€ and 15€ price between 15€ and 20€ price higher than 20€

A simple example

Répartition des coûts
A mug sold for € 10 will get you € 1,50.

The remainder covers the costs of implementation
(IT, Marketing, Packaging, Manufacturing, Staff...)

A clear management

  • • In the category "My images", you upload your photographs or illustrations.
  • • In the category "My account", you configure your settings and access to the history of your earnings.

A simple payment system

The payments are made from 30 € and are settled on a quartely basis. The quarters are as follows: January through March, April through June, July through September, and October through December.

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